Making Magic

Office Unfinished


Raise awareness and generate buzz for the opening of a new Fairly Painless Advertising office in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Problem to solve:

The new location is a key element of our new business strategy but the office build-out is months behind schedule.

Office Unfinished by Farley Painlezz´

How do you announce that your business has a new location? Invite 400,000 people to peep in your window.


Leverage ArtPrize – the most attended public art event in the world (400,000 visitors) to draw attention to our new location in downtown GR. Implement a multi-tiered communication strategy using a variety of touch-points: installation, social media, guerilla tactics, e-mail outreach and, hopefully, free PR.

Create a potentially award-winning concept to draw further attention from industry insiders ( potential clients, talent, publications etc.).


Create a fake art installation. We attached a giant art frame and official-looking ArtPrize description card to the window of our store-front level office and called it “Office Unfinished” – the latest masterpiece by world-renowned British installation artist, Farley Painlezz. We built a site dedicated to the “art installation” with a video profiling the artist. The site showcased his other “unfinished” projects with comments by art critics and allowed people to vote (or unvote) for the artist’s latest masterwork. Guerilla postings throughout the ArtPrize landscape drew even more people to our new office’s location.

Installation at ArtPrize


Thousands of confused people peered through the art frame at our installation/location in the heart of ArtPrize territory.

Local media outlets like MLive picked up the story and the video made the front page of famed comedy website Funny or Die.

The campaign won the Judge’s Choice Award at the 2017 Addy Awards resulting in more eyes from potential clients and agencies in the GR marketing community – adding “this is what we do” to “this is where we are.”

A marketing campaign for a new company location disguised as an art installation disguised as a middle finger to slow-moving remodelers garners incredible results and awards.


Agency: Fairly Painless Advertising

CD: Ryan Lockwood

ECD: Jefferson Long

AD: Drake Evans

Strategist: Beth Taylor

Actor: David Smith