I want to show you a few things that my résumé might never tell.


Right now I am working as a creative director for a multi-disciplined, multi-award winning agency Fairly Painless and taking on select freelance projects that pique my curiosity. Outside of my day (and night) jobs, you can usually find me anywhere where the culture is; traveling, exploring cities, shooting photos, trying new food spots, seeing live shows, hunting down the perfect pair of kicks, or let’s be honest; creeping on Insta. Want to know some other random facts about me?

Long story, short.

My name is Ryan Lockwood and I have spent the last 6+ years as a creative executive at a multi-disciplined, multi-award winning agency called Fairly Painless. In 2013 I was the director of communications for AIGA West Michigan. Before that I designed in-house at GRCC for all their external marketing. During which, I completed my BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design. To contact me, feel free to reach out directly wherever@ryanlockwood.is or you can use this form.


Design / Storytelling

Ever since I can remember I have been intrigued by great design. The power that visual communication can have on human beings is something that most people take for granted. When it’s done right, they should, in fact. My background is mostly in graphic design, but I found sticking to one specific genre severely limiting. So I have explored all kinds of design; graphic, interior, industrial, motion, user-experience and digital. Wherever it makes sense to tell a story and provoke a response is where I prefer to work.


I find that telling stories through motion to be extremely interesting and one of the most open communication platforms to get stories across. The mixture of aural and moving visuals is one of the most intriguing combinations. I have been fortunate to work with talented directors and production houses and have also myself wrote, shot, edited, animated and done visual effects work for a wide range of different projects.


When I was a child, my grandfather was behind his lens so much that I sometimes forgot what his face looked like. His father before him shot photos in Hollywood in the 20’s and 30’s. I suppose that’s where my love for it stems from. I love the hunt for the right composition, the right time of day, and just the right amount of light; to capture that exact moment in time that will never be again. I shoot on a mirrorless Sony A7rII with manual Zeiss lenses.

Me, elsewhere.

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What’s on your mind?

Since you’ve made it this far, maybe you’d like to know a few more interesting things about me.


I love motorbikes, but am at most times too practical to own one.


Brooklyn, NY is my favorite place I’ve visited on planet earth.


I love to travel and try to escape as much as possible.


I am fascinated by modern architecture and have completely remodeled three houses.


I’ve got a Cornish Rex and am very much a cat person.


I believe live music is the purest form of art.

Congrats, you probably now know more about me than I do. Maybe you should send me a message and say hi.