Making Magic

HopCat - The Inappropriate Cat


To help generate buzz around their rapidly expanding HopCat brand in saturated, localized out-of-state markets.

Problem to solve:

Develop fresh work for HopCat’s out-of-state markets that will reinforce the originality of the brand and drive traffic after grand openings.


How to pronounce “Vladimir Poutine.” Advice from the Inappropriate Cat.


Competitive research told us the brewpub and bar business had exploded over the last six years. This had triggered a marketing and social media brew-ha-ha that had every metropolis in the nation vying for the title “Beer City USA.” We knew breaking through the clutter was going to take either a heroic effort on our part or an entirely inappropriate one.


The Inappropriate Cat was born in order to break through the already crowded craft-beer chatter. Leveraging unexpected social media, digital outdoor, guerilla tactics, email campaigns, social influencers, and a top fans program, we were able to cut through the noise and breathe new life into the HopCat brand.

Meerkat’s Can’t Even Spell Cat. Good Advice from the Inappropriate Cat.

The social videos topped 1,000,000+ total views.

Pavlov’s Dumb Dog, Crack Fries & The Inappropriate Cat.

Craft Beer Training 101 – Tips from HopCat’s Inappropriate Cat

Lost cat posters around Lincoln Park, Chicago for free crack fries giveaway.

Digital OOH in Chicago advertising craft beer week.


Focusing this campaign primarily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube the videos garnered over 1,000,000 views. Engagement was up 49% and interactions per post were 416% above industry average. Not bad for a foul-mouthed cat.

The Inappropriate Cat spent 4 weeks on the Most Liked Ads list of Ads of the World.


Agency: Fairly Painless Advertising

CD: Ryan Lockwood

ECD: Jefferson Long

AD: Drake Evans

CW: Luke Neumann

Strategist: Beth Taylor