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I very much appreciate the opportunity to connect and be considered.

In a lot of ways I am a non-traditional creative; never allowing myself to get put in one box. I am as comfortable talking strategy or building and managing a creative team as I am rolling up my sleeves and doing the work. I consider myself left and right-brained and very medium-agnostic. A good idea is a good idea no matter where it lives and I like to play in a lot of different sandboxes. Always staying curious and hungry for a new creative challenge.

Below is my approach to work and a sampling of some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on over the last 3 years across both LA and NYC and much of my older work can be found here.
You can also find my résumé here.

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Some of my work was, or is, under NDA.
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My Approach

01 ——

Come out swinging.

Get noticed. Alter perceptions. And be fearless doing it.

Position the brand through creative to alter perceptions about what is possible and create a community wooed by the ideas this brand stands for. Making it relatable and tangible to people.

02 ——

Own our human truths.

The core of every great brand or idea.

Human truths are unapologetically simple and connect with something deep within all of us that’s undeniably, universally true. This is what turns a good idea or brand into a great one.

03 ——

Build your own world.

Fill it with customized content and experiment.

The best creative executions involve building an entire world around an idea. Executing custom concepts and content for every channel all revolving around a core idea.

04 ——

Lead with creative.

And do your best to make sure it doesn’t feel like advertising.

Nobody likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. Even better if they can be entertained, informed, or engaged while doing it. Creative has the power to cut through and melt away any reason not to buy from the brand. Be authentic. Be original. Be smart. And be honest.

05 ——

Make em’ scream your name.

Make your customers your biggest brand ambassadors.

No one buys something easier than with a referral from someone they know or someone they trust. Find creative ways to activate and encourage this behavior amongst your customers.

06 ——

Climb the social ladder.

Take full advantage of interesting social opportunities.

Make it so people can’t and don’t want to stay away from us. Consistently drop conceptual, creative, thoughtful, culturally relevant, real-time content and engage strategically. While also tapping content creators as partners to extend our reach.

07 ——

Mine the gaps.

Get exposure in unconventional ways.

Seek out intriguing, off-the-beaten-path opportunities and collaborations to get exposure in an unconventional way with content that gets attention. Engage with these media landscapes in a way that feels cheeky and informed.

08 ——

Pop-up and pop off.

Bring your message and experience to the people.

Bring the idea of buying refurbished physically or digitally into the real world in a conceptual and intriguing way. Think pop-up shops, in-world or digital experiences that engage in a way that can’t be achieved online.

09 ——

Be a part of the culture.

Insert yourselves and drive the conversation.

Activate content around cultural moments to drive engagement where relevant trends and brands intersect by joining existing conversations and executing content around them.

10 ——

Be bold. Take risks.

Don’t be afraid to redefine the way people think about your category.

Being bold often just means doing something in a way someone never thought to do it before. It’s never shock and awe, it’s strategic, conceptual ways to cut through the clutter and get people’s attention. If an idea at first thought sounds silly, it’s probably good, and possibly great.

My Work

Prudential Financial

Curtain Up! Broadway is Back

This is my largest project to date since working with Prudential plus their largest sponsorship and marketing initiative of the year. I was the lead AD from concept all the way through production in partnership with Playbill.

We ushered back Broadway while connecting Prudential’s brand to the post-COVID re-opening supporting New York City and the thousands of people in the theatre community’s cultural and economic rebound. Creating several interactive activations, videos, social, and OOH for the three-day Times Square celebration featuring performances by the theatre’s biggest stars.

Overview of the entire event

Light The Way for Broadway (Activation)
We built a miniature Broadway theatre and every time a person took a picture of their name up in lights and posted to social, Prudential donated $1 on their behalf to the Black Theatre Coalition and the Actors Fund with a grand total of $100k.

Show Us Your Broadway (AR Activation)
This activation lets the users digitally wear a Broadway costume and put themselves on their own Playbill cover which then landed on a giant screen in the middle of Times Square.

Animated Social Content

Animated Social Content

Live Social Content

Back Market

NYC OOH, Global Social and Digital Ad Campaigns

I’ve worked with Back Market to build out over 300 pieces of content from live-action, motion, social, and digital ads as they expanded from France into the US and other global markets. My NYC OOH campaign is currently running across all of the MTA and Metro-North with 8 different executions in print and motion. The social and digital campaigns are also currently running across all platforms across the US, UK, France, Spain, and Germany.

Wheels Up

I’ve partnered with SWAT by Kirshenbaum over the past three years to create a variety of content for Wheels Up ranging from pre-IPO to now. From motion OOH takeovers in New York during their IPO and LA during Superbowl to motion digital ads, social content, and videos.

Motion OOH takeover on the Sunset Strip in LA during Superbowl weekend.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

App Launch Videos

I again partnered with SWAT by Kirshenbaum to bring all the motion content to life for the launch of the Marcus by Goldman Sachs app. The welcome video you see here is one example of 10 that we created together. I’ve also partnered with them on several other projects for Goldman Sachs.

Prudential & PGIM

Times Square OOH

I’ve concepted, animated, and executed 10 different motion OOH boards for Prudential and their investment management arm PGIM across various boards in Times Square.

Cat Footwear

Global Campaign and Retail Launch

I was brought on as a contract Creative Director to help launch their brand in the consumer market, build out their creative department, and expand their agency relationships. One of the many elements born from this collaboration was this campaign and retail experiences, including interior and exterior retail environments and displays, photography and video content we shot in Spain, OOH, social, and a go-to-market guide to allow retailers to execute in their local markets.


Jungle Moc Campaign

Merrell brought me in to help reinvigorate their global best-selling shoe, the Jungle Moc, which had started to see a dip in sales for the first time in company history. We partnered on this global campaign to reposition the shoe to the fastly growing influencer and streetwear market while striking the very fine balance of not alienating their core demographic.

Prudential Financial

Evolution Site Launch and Content

This was one of my first projects with Prudential when I was contracting for them. I created all of the content while teaming with their outside agency to implement and launch their design in coordination with UX. Afterward creating video content to launch the site internally and to the senior leadership team.

Aetna at CVS

Miami Medicare Campaigns

I worked with Aetna during their merger with CVS to target a precisely defined audience in the specific market of Miami, FL. The campaign strategy focused on two important goals:

  1. Communicating that Aetna insurance specialists are now located inside of brick-and-mortar CVS stores.
  2. Convincing the target audience to sign up for Medicare through Aetna.

There were three distinct executions across Miami, each hyper-targeted based on demographics and culturally-relevant psychographics.

This campaign is a great example of being able to take a topic that is typically so very generic but doing it in a way that truly cuts through. They were able to fill their quota for this market at 98% this quarter.